Meet Pam & Laura

For us, being in a partnership not only allows us to stay recharged, we feel it brings a whole new level of service for our clients.  We have all the staff and vendors who work with us to get their job done while we focus on each client to make sure we get our job done for them.  Our number one goal is that they get from the beginning to the end and want to do it again.  We want them to feel that good about our services. 

Pam -  I have been in the real estate industry a long time…well over 20!  I still love gaining new knowledge as our market is every changing, and taking all that knowledge, market and sales expertise to each individual client I have to build a detailed plan specially for them and their particular demographic.  Be it a seller or buyer I want to make sure I have the plan to find the right buyer or personally introduce my client to the perfect home.

Laura -  As an agent being really in tune with the market, having experience in the selling and buying process and having great negotiating skills from years of training is crucial in today’s world.  Real Estate is very possibly one of my client’s largest investment so it’s very important that we are well studied.  The client comes first.  
Being with a top of the line company, having a top of the line website, stagers, photographers, inspectors, I mean we really have so many advances that help me serve my clients better…they know I’m not going to drop the ball on them.